Started in the early 90s, today the company TE.COM. boasts a customer portfolio that includes the best companies in the sector.

Specialised in the manufacture of rotary valves, TE.COM. offers a product that means the various needs of the market: quality control in every detail, preparation of metered products and post-sales service are our strong points.

In addition to rotary valves, our product range also offers another component: bulk loading chutes for loading bulk products.
Bulk loading chutes are essential for the prevention of dust in work areas.

Bulduing Loading Chutes

Bulk loading chutes are essential in areas where powdery or granular products are being loaded as they ensure less product waste, less dust and a cleaner environment.
They are equipped with a suction system that guarantees the absence of dust in loading areas

Rotary Valves

TE.COM. rotary valves have been specifically designed for pressure or gravity fed systems that transport grains or powders from silos, hoppers, centrifuges and screw pumps. All the component parts undergo rigorous testing using state-of-the-art technology to ensure absolute reliability. Valve inlets can be made round, rectangular or normal to meet with various design requirements while modular design over the whole range allows for fast delivery and low prices